Indiana Jones vs the Russian Communist Party...for real!

Apparently the Communist Party in Russia is upset with Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett for making the new Indy film. They called the actors "second rate" (how many Academy Awards does Blanchett have?) and said they are "running dogs of the CIA." The Commies mouthpiece also said that the film is "low quality," and they want it banned for being "Anti-Communist propaganda."

This is real. Check out the article here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24788840/

Dear Russia: In America, we make movies. They are not real. However, we believe that individualism is important; capitalism and free markets breed progress and create jobs and hope. That rugged spirit of American individualism gave birth to the wonderful character of Indiana Jones, and allowed men like Spielberg and Lucas to become successful. Indiana Jones, Spielberg, and Lucas have brought joy to millions of people...something that seems to be in shortage over there.

Above all else, Communism fails because of it's inability to allocate capital, and its incorrect assumption that everyone is equal, NOT because of some subliminal, Anti-Red messages shooting out of American adventure films.

Sounds like the Russians are paranoid as usual, and once again seeking out any way they can paint themselves as victims of the Capitalists. You guys should stick with the heroic tale of Robin Hood, it's more suited to your tastes.

Also, Russia gave us Autograph...possibly the gayest metal band of the 1980's.

Never Forget That.

In other ridiculous news, a Utah woman has claimed that watching Sex and the City turned her into a slut. She says that the show (and soon to be movie) forced her to drink Cosmos, and sleep with up to seven guys a week. Seriously. Here's the link: http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/5581

Can I just present the question: Does anybody take responsibility for their actions anymore?

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Hannah said...

I disagree. Listening to Bright Eyes completely made me depressed, while listening to The Streets & Lily Allen made me a working-class Brit. Then I fell in love with "Juno", so now I am a working-class British emo pregnant teenager who is in love with Paulie Bleeker.