Over the years, MTV has given my generation its fair share of awkward moments thanks to countless drunken slobs, blatant racism, and obnoxious whores on every season of the Real World. And thanks to the Tourrettes cases, Star Wars nerds, big-boobed sloppy seconds, embarrassing dads, and Staten Island bitches that graced the clips of True Life every season. But tonight, MTV gave us a new level of awkward.

On the much over-advertised and only marginally funny MTV Movie Awards, Seth Rogan and James Franco presented the award for “Best Movie of the Summer So Far,” and proceeded to pull out a bag of weed, roll a blunt, and smoke it. Seriously. Of course, due to censor issues, the camera was pulled all the way out to an insanely wide wide-shot, as to not show such actions on television (because pot-smoking is so controversial to MTV).

This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except for the fact that the producer decided to cut into a shot of Robert Downey Jr. looking extremely uncomfortable while the rest of the audience laughed wildly and applauded.

In case you didn’t know, Downey is a recovering drug addict who admittedly still struggles with sobriety.

Worse yet, Downey ended up winning the award for “Iron Man.” He had to walk up on stage, and shake hands with those knuckleheads.

Could you imagine what it would be like to have your career and life nearly end because of a decade long drug addiction, and then be forced into a situation where you had to politely stand next to a bunch of guys smoking pot on national television? While a room of a thousand people laughed and applauded and completely trivialized drug use?

It was extremely poor planning on the part of MTV, and it was completely insensitive on the part of Rogan and Franco.

But, as usual, I digress.

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Hannah said...

Poor RDJ. I do love that man, flawed and asshole-ish as he is. He doesn't deserve that shit.

But I also like Seth Rogen. I guess nobody thought "Iron Man" was going to win? Or was that new "Harold & Kumar" movie up or something?

I'm putting too much faith in things. This is MTV, after all.